What the heck is a Tōge??

The road unwinding

My first exposure to car culture was through the Fast and Furious movies.  Most enthusiasts will agree that those movies are exaggerated, but we owe a debt to the filmmakers for showing us that cars can be fast, crazy, and–most importantly– ours.

As I matured I voraciously read magazines and perused car forums on the web. I simply could not get enough of it.  My first car was a white, all-wheel drive Eagle powered by a turbo 4G63–incredibly unreliable but undeniably cool for a 17 year old.

As I matured I moved from the moving target of straight line acceleration and progressed to learning the ways of a road course. My first on track experience was piloting my trusty Shelby GT, but since then I have had the privilege of driving everything from Fords to Porsches, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis on the track.  Only sex rivals the romantic combination of grip and acceleration offered on a road course.


Driving Experience:

  • Eastern Motor Racing Association Time Trial License (2007 Shelby GT)
  • BMW Performance Driving School (2008 BMW 335i)
  • Focus ST Performance Academy (2013 Focus ST)
  • Multiple Trips to drag strip in a 2012 Mustang GT (Personal Best 12.9 at 113 miles per hour on all-season tires)
  • Exotic Driving Experience – Walt Disney World Speedway/ at least 6 laps per car (Ferrari F430 Scuderia, Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Gallardo LP570)
  • Porsche World Roadshow at New Jersey Motorsports Park (2013 911 Carrera, 2013 Cayman, 2013 Carrera S, 2013 Cayman S, Porsche Panamera S, Porsche Cayenne S)
  • Stock Car Racing Experience at Pocono Raceway (600 horsepower stock car)

So why do I do this? The purpose of this blog is to celebrate the beauty of car culture in all of its forms. I believe the aggregate of my experiences offers a unique perspective of automobiles and the industry at large. Having driven multiple vehicles has given me an appreciation for all of them.  All cars are awesome when they are paired with a passionate owner.

Why Daily Tōge?

Tōge or Touge is a Japanese word that refers to a winding mountain road.  These are roads made famous by Initial D or the phenomenal Best Motoring (YouTube is your friend).  The tōge is a popular place to test the limits of both cars and their drivers. This blog is a celebration of that spirit, but I implore you to keep it to the track.  Trust me it is far more fun!

BONUS! Take a peak into my past by watching the below Best Motoring Video!

What content will be shared here?

Cars are the obvious focus, but their owners are important as well.  Cars are extensions of their owners. Cars are replaceable, but the spirit of the owners live on forever.  This is why it does not matter if you own a Mitsubishi or Ferrari.  Be a good person and don’t take life too seriously. Cars are a way to meet good people and make lifelong friends.

I also enjoy technology and business — which will occasionally be features on this site at times.  Let’s learn new things together.

What is the goal? Why even do this?

I was deeply inspired by the likes of Sport Compact Car, Best Motoring, Top Gear, Fifth Gear, and so many more.  The goal of Daily Tōge is to inspire the next generation of car fans and have a helluva lot of fun doing it!

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